Saturday, January 7, 2012

Coming soon: piston


  1. Normand ChamberlandJanuary 7, 2012 at 5:33 AM

    Cool! How about adding dimensions in that drawing page? Oh right, I haven't posted my tutorial yet. :-P

    BTW, when I zoom in the svg, it show translucent over the dark overlayed window. You may have to convert it to bitmap to have an opaque background...

  2. "BTW, when I zoom in the svg, it shows translucent over the dark overlayed window. " It's not bug it's feature :D
    Post still needs some work, video (~45 min) is stil uploading and I still have some Internet connection problems:( But you can download fcstd files:

  3. hey there, i'm trying to get the hang of FreeCAD i have to admit it's hard, is there anyway i can follow this on facebook? i figure if i get fluent with FreeCAD it'll be the only one i ever use, linux or not

  4. Unfortunately I'm not Facebook user. You can only check G+ ("Contact" tab).

  5. i have a slight problem with my FreeCAD at the moment, i'm not sure what to do, or what's happening, i'll put a picture up.
    as you can see, the constraints say 0.00, both ways and they're not in the middle of the line so i can't do anything, is there anything you can suggest, i've tried updating, but that didn't work

  6. There is a "sketcher workbench" tutorial for praticing constraints :

    Otherwise I drew this, hope it helps.