Sunday, October 23, 2011

Engine: 5v2 - camshaft gear, parametric copy

In the post Engine: 5 - camshaft gear I used simple Python script to generate a radial copy. Unfortunately copies were independent from base object. Today I'll show how use more advanced radial script.

In directory:
you can find script.

Open earlier camshaft gear model. Delete Chamfer, Cut, Fusion and Fillet001 to Fillet036. Leave only he Revolution and the Fillet. Save model as a new file.

Import script by typing in the python console:
from PartDesign.Scripts import RadialCopy as rcopy
Select the Fillet and make a radial copy:
and eventually refresh the document:
At the end change values in Property view-data tab: Radius 0, Angle 10.

Open the Part workbench and use the boolean difference to cut the Radial Copy from the Revolution.

Try change something, eg. first sketch.

After a while whole model will be regenerated. This is the difference between previous and actual script.

Download file.

Download RAW Video.

FreeCAD 0.12 5052 SVN

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  1. Do you know why there are no buttons in the menu bar for those interesting scripts? (the scripts from inside ...Mod/PartDesign/Scripts)