Saturday, September 3, 2011


With this blog I'm going to deliver tutorial for application FreeCAD. FreeCAD tutorial blog is unofficial, I'm a normal FreeCAD user - not developer or  other superhuman:)

I'll  build combustion engine in this software. I promised it in this thread. The effect should be similar to:

  • 1-2 parts in almost every weekend,
  • simple parts (screws, valves, camshaft) first,
  • complicated parts (conrod, crankshaft, head) when PartDesign module gets sweeps, angle draft etc. features, 
  • blueprints - when Drawing module will be more mature,
  • and at the end: assembly,
  • optional: FEM, kinematics
If you don't know how FreeCAD looks like I would recommend you Youtube playlist:

To follow tutorials you need actual FreeCAD version. I'll write version at the end of each post.

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